Beginner Vue.js Tutorial with User Login

This has a been a great tutorial. Thank you! I’ve been following it using a development box from DigitalOcean, so I have a publicly accessible IP address. When I added all the auth0 code, I was given errors that suggested I need to be running in SSH. Is that expected behavior?

I am using Vue 3 and ran into a hitch installing the Auth0 plugin, I will appreciate getting your help am trying to lean Vue

Hi, thanks for this great tutorial. When I Sign in, its possible to navigate through the pages, but when I refresh the page, I’m logged out. The Application token is expiring after 36000 seconds. How is this happening, and how to let a user logged in after refreshing the page?

Hi @henkvalk! Glad you were able to get it working! Are you logging in with email/password or are you using a social account like Google? If you use a social account, you’ll have to update your developer keys for that provider in your Auth0 dashboard (under Connections > Social), otherwise it will use Auth0’s test development keys and the login won’t persist.

If you are already signing in with normal email and password though let me know and we’ll troubleshoot further!

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