Axios post /auth/auth0 not button_to RAILS javascript

Hi! Currently we have a form email login if a user already have an account.

Now we want to put auth0 just replaced the “Have an account? Login” button into auth0

<%= button_to “Have an account? Login”, “/auth/auth0”, method: :post%>

But the problem is the button_to is a form and it is inside a form already and there is also a submit button present “Continue”

now in javascript i tried link_to to call a javascript post but I’m having a problem of

Authentication failure! ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken: ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken, ActionController::InvalidAuthenticityToken

When i inspect element there is hidden element created by auth0. I’m thinking this is what i need to also submit in axios post

< input type=“hidden” name=“authenticity_token” value=“tOJXVaW7bKUK/n/8AYRzQQxPeGeNFVhDown3I2WyS1nZQT6j/i+XR9ecankaO7J3J+yJjxT6QPjhtAsZE5XN7w==” autocomplete=“off” >

      var authBody = {
        authenticityToken: ?????

        method: "post",
        url: "/auth/auth0",
        data: authBody },

UPPPPP need help… In need of clarification

Hi @csuntay,

I’m having a bit of trouble understanding this question. Are you saying you want to direct your user to the Auth0 hosted signup page?

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