AWS Cognito sends invalid_grant

I’m having some issues with Auth0 + AWS Cognito. We setup an app that does linkedin login, that part works ok and I get redirected to my url with the code and all but Cognito isn’t fully accepting whatever is happening in the background. We use AWS amplify and it has a hub which sends us different events.

For a natively supported social connection, like google, I’ll see a successful auth event.

This is what I see going through the Auth0 flow though.
“[ERROR] 17:09.850 OAuth - Error handling auth response.”
Error: invalid_grant at OAuth.eval

We are using version 1.9.0 of @auth0/auth0-react. I also tried the SPA version but same problem.

One thing I did notice was that google (native) request to our cognito endpoint had a code_verifier value in the form data it passed. The linkedin (Auth0) request did not. I’m not sure if that’s a difference between the platforms or not but thought I’d include it.