Avalonia UI - is there an upgraded version?

Hi, I found and attempted to use the Auth0.Avalonia from Github, but this project is incompatible with the latest version of Avalonia UI. Are there plans to upgrade it or a workaround? It works fine at the version it is, just can’t use the latest version of AvaloniaUI.



Hi @versilej,

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Can you share a link to the SDK you are referencing?

This is the Nuget link:

This is the github link:

The github has samples and they do work so long as you are not using the latest version of Avalonia UI. I believe the biggest difference is the Browser functionality changed in the newest version.

Thanks for the link.

It looks like this is a third-party supported library. I would suggest reaching out to the creator of it to ask about plans for future support.

It looks like you can file an issue in the repo directly.

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