Automation login scripts to login via Auth0 through a VPN

Hi, This is the first time on here, so please be gentle! :stuck_out_tongue:

Currently, I have auth0 as our login page and have a Testcafe suite of tests of which all require a log in. During lockdown, because of COVID19, we noticed that Auth0 wasn’t allowing the scripts to run a login via a VPN, but if I was to login remotely to my desktop and run it from there, the login scripts ran fine.

Please can anyone help me find a solution to get around this?

Many thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi @yorkshireflatcap,

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Are you getting errors in your logs? It could be anomaly detection not liking all the requests from a single IP, especially if you are testing invalid credentials.

Let us know if you see an error in your logs dashboard and we can go from there.