Automatic logout after inactivity for 1 hour

Hi everyone

I’m trying to establish, that with our application, the user gets logged out automatically after say 1 hour of inactivtity and then will be shown the login screen.
I tried to manipulate the settings in the “Login Session Management” but i did not end up getting what i want. So far after a certain time of inactivity the website goes to the automatic error page and will not show the login page.
Can anyone help me?
Thanks for any input.

Hi @cbafo,

What error page are you seeing after the inactivity timeout?

hi dan.woda
Thanks for your reply, i see the “HTTP ERROR 500” page

Can you please provide a screenshot?

I get this screenshot
and when i refresh the page, i get the same page.

Hmm, it looks like this is just a generic 500 error page. That means the user is being directed to a server that is not responding. Can you record a HAR of the transaction and DM it to me?

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