Autofill on iOS

Hi all, I am trying to setup autofill for iCloud Keychain on iOS, but I can’t find a way to setup webcredentials in the associations file for

I found this existing thread which was closed with a vague answer: Supporting iOS password autofill, apple-app-site-association w/ webcredentials

Does anyone have any context on how to get iCloud Keychain on iOS to use entries with the domain?

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You have to disable this thing for the better performance.

Unfortunately it seems that we no longer have official docs section for that. Sorry for the inconvenience!

@remsi2325 what is this you’re referring to?

@konrad.sopala how do we achieve this?

As I said we currently don’t have content that would show you how to achieve this

Does that mean it’s not possible, or does that mean it’s not documented?

The correct way to achieve that would be to:

  1. Set up an Associated Domain: LINK
  2. Set up the textview on your iOS app: LINK

It should work with just the applinks attribute in the apple-app-site-association json. You can read more about it here:

Thanks, we’ll give that a try.

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Perfect! Let us know if you have any other questions down the road!

The password is being saved under the domain instead of I can’t seem to get it to relate to our specific subdomain.

	"applinks": {
		"apps": [],
		"details": [{
			"appID": "",
			"paths": ["/ios/*"]