“authorize app” page translate to spanish

Hello everyone, i have an issue regarding the “authorize app” page… i need to translate it to spanish… anyone can help me? i couldn’t find anything regarding to that page.

Thanks in advance

The page is:

A good starting point is the following:

Hi Jeremy, we are using the solution described in “lock translation” but it doesnt translate the “request access” page… What should you recommend us to do?

P.S: We are using Lock

:wave: @mpenaloza at this time, this is not currently possible. I’m sorry!

Unfortunately, I do not have an ETA on if/when it will be possible to provide this localization option.

If you are using an audience with an API on your authentication request, you can disable this. To disable it, navigate to your API in the dashboard and enable the Allow Skipping User Consent switch. But I understand this may not be the case for you.

Hi everyone,

Any news about this? I’m trying to solve the same issue, translate the “authorize app” page to Spanish.
I cannot use the solution proposed by @kimcodes because we need to request permissions explicitly to users.
(Sorry for revive this topic :upside_down_face: )

I am using the Lock too, but the Lock can be translated to ES.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @araujo_matias. It’s not possible to change the language of the consent screen at this moment. This is under the radar of the product team so, hopefully, it will receive some attention at some point, but at this moment there’s no ETA to share.
I’d encourage you to share this need at https://auth0.com/feedback, to reach the Product team directly.

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@araujo_matias @mpenaloza This functionality is available in our ‘New Universal Login Experience’ (https://auth0.com/docs/universal-login/new)

All feedback welcome!



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