Authorization Extension - data not propagated to JWT

- What are you trying to achieve? What is the use case or idea behind it?

I was trying to configure authorization so its propagated to JWT token, so anyone can read it and act accordingly. The way it is set up at the moment is I configured the rule and my Groups and when I login or fetch my user profile trhu endpoint I cant see any groups there.

When I try to test a rule it shows the groups in the result.

I’m totally new to this, so its very probable I missed something. Thanks for any help…

Most likely you are now using an OIDC-conformant flow, in which case you need to modify the rule generated by the authorization extension so that the claims it adds to the access token are namespaced accordingly. See here.

Given that when you test the rule the groups show, this is almost certainly the cause of the problem.

Hello Richard,

yes, adding the namespace helped me, and when I put the groups data to two properties in the token - one “namespaced” and one without namespace, and than I tried to turn off the OIDC Conformant however I was not able to see the version without the namespace in the payload. Do you mind explain me why, please?


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