Authorization API endpoint returns URL in an odd format

I’m trying to implement a flow to link user accounts, and I’m trying to initiate this on the client side.

When calling the Authorization endpoint /authorize, the user is able to log in, but after the user is redirected, the parameters are inserted into the URL in a weird format.

Rather than using a ‘?’ like you’d expect, the parameters are put after a ‘#’. This is subsequently making it difficult to parse the returned access_token and other parameters because none of the standard tools and libraries recognize all of the content after the ‘#’ as being query parameters.

This is the format that I’m seeing in the address bar:

I don’t mind parsing these values myself, but there’s gotta be a cleaner method?

Ah derp. Everything after the ‘#’ is the location.hash. Don’t mind me, I’m a front-end newb. :slight_smile:

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No worries! We’ve all been there!