Authentication API leads to incorrect client despite id and secret

Hey all, we are using PHP 7.4 and 7.x of the PHP SDK.

We are trying to use the Authentication API as such:

$auth0Api = new Authentication($domain, $client_id);
return $auth0Api->get_authorize_link($response_type, $redirect_uri, $connection, $state, $additional_params);

I get a link and I am able to reach an SSO login page however upon attempting to log in I’m not able to use the user accounts associated with the application. Instead, I can attempt to log in with a user account associated with another application.

Any insight would be appreciated; please don’t hesitate to request details.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @apouriliaee,

You should be able to see the request and response in developer tools “Network” tab. Can you tell me if you are seeing the correct params go through?

Additionally, you can record a HAR of the request and send it to me in a DM.


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