Invalid client id

HI all - I am having an issue calling the following using the PHP SDK

PLease note, that all properties are using the correct values (I have removed them for security purposes). I have had them triple checked, and also used the downloadable sample which automatically prefills them too.

The response I am getting is that it is an invalid client_id (see response at bottom) - any assistance would be helpful

$auth0 = new \Auth0\SDK\Auth0([
‘domain’ => 'DOMAIN_NAME,
‘clientId’ => ‘Client ID from application’,
‘clientSecret’ => ‘Client secret from application’,
‘cookieSecret’ => ‘random string’

The response coming back is -

Auth0\SDK\Exception\CoreException: Invalid client_id in /home/glitterboy/app/vendor/auth0/auth0-php/src/Auth0.php:268 

Hi @jeremy5,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you have experienced issues with the invalid client id error when using the Auth0 PHP SDK.

After my tests, I could not reproduce the same issue. Instead, I was able to successfully launch the app without any errors when using the Auth0 PHP Quickstart.

In this case, could you try using the Auth0 PHP Quickstart guide and see if that resolves your issue?

I am looking forward to your response.


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