Auth0 x Shopify Connection Doesn't Give User Level Data


I’m using the out of the box Auth0 Shopify Social connection, but when testing it, I realized that it gives a user profile that’s at the store level, not at the user level. In using shopify as a social connection, I’d like to be able to manage permissions for my users in shopify and have them log into auth0 (on an external site) using their shopify login.

Is there any way to get user level data/identifying information from the shopify social connection?

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You could use a Post-Login Action to make additional Shopify API calls to retrieve user-level data. You will need to make sure that you have enabled the read_customers permissions in your Shopify connection settings in Auth0 as well.


In the script, you can call Shopify API’s Retrieve a single customer endpoint to get the user-level data. Then, save this data to the user’s profile and add those permissions to the access token.

Let me know how this goes for you.


Hi –

Unfortunately this is not the issue – I’m trying to get the user profile of the admin user who’s logged into my shopify backend, not the customer profile, so I can differentiate between my backend admin users on Shopify (not customers)

Hi @allen3,

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I have looked into Shopify’s Admin API, and I don’t see any way of getting the admin user profile.

However, you could work around this by assigning your admin users with admin roles in Auth0 so you can differentiate them during login.

See these resources as a reference:


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