Auth0 Wordpress plugin not logging into site after migration

We are hoping to switch to a new Wordpress host to gain some page speed. We spun up a server with They use Cloudflare and the Enterprise CDN. I had a copy of the current live site made and migrated to the new server.
When you attempt to login, it goes through the full Auth0 ULP process fine, but when it sends the user back to the website, it is still asking the user to login. There are no errors in Auth0 or the Auth0 Wordpress plugin. There is a console error that says " Auth0 cannot find node with id ‘auth0-login-form’".
The only difference between the two environments is the host. Is there a URL or cookie or Cloudflare could be blocking?

We are having the same issue on and Cloudflare. Where you able to find a solution?

Not yet, but I’m glad to hear it’s not isolated now. That’s what was holding me back from reporting it in the GitHub project. I might try that now.