Auth0 won't open callback page on an android emulator

I’ve been following the ionic and capacitor sdk guide, and am able to run my app perfectly well on the browser. However, I am unable to get the same functionality on an android emulator. I added an intent filter block to the AndroidManifest.xml file, and I can get to the main page of my app. However, the callback page doesn’t get called, both after logging in and after logging out. I have the callback url perfectly configured in my app settings on Auth0, and even added the same url to tenant settings just in case the app settings additions weren’t good enough.

I think the problem has to do with configuring android’s deep links to open up the specific page I want. I know for sure deep links open up the app, both because I’m able to get to the main page after logging in and because I tested the deep link from the emulator on an online html editor. However, the deep links don’t seem to open up the specific page I want. I can follow up this post with code if asked.

Some brief notes:
I’m using the ionic framework with capacitor over angular.
I’m testing to see if the callback page is being called by invoking an alert controller. This works on the browser.