Auth0 universal login 500 status


When open the universal login page the auth0 return a 500 Internal Server Error Exception.

I’m sharing the link of my page on instagram, the user access this link and open the landing page, when the user click to login or create an account, I’m sending the user to the universal login from AUTH0 and I’m getting the INTERNAL SERVER ERROR.

Someone knows what is happening? Also, as this issue is a 500 I can’t handle to avoid the bad user experience, so, thanks auth0

Hey there!

Are you still experiencing this? 500 is a status code that you cannot handle yourself as it’s not coming from you. We’re ot experiencing any outage so wanted to confirm that with you.

Hello Konrad,

Unfortunately yes, sometimes this error is throwing and I’m losing users because of that.

If I refresh the page, the login page appears and it doesn’t happen again.

I’ve been experiencing that more frequently, I just open the universal login page and 500, I refresh and it works back

Can you share more context around the technical stack that you are using in your implementation and also any links to our documentation that you are utilising will be helpful.

Hey Konrad, yeah for now the system is made ober the nextJs using the latesr version of nexjs-auth0 library.

Maybe you can get the error accessing and trying to create an account. But this error is not happening everytime, only sometimes, also, I could see that more frequently when I’m accessing by a smartphone

Can you send me your tenant name and email in a private message so I can make some checks on your tenant? In order to do so please click on my avatar and there should be a blue message button box. Thank you!

Let me know if you find anything, yesterday night I got the issue again