Auth0 OidcClient and fixed length of Access Token & Authorization Code

Hi everyone,
for a Xamarin project we are using Auth0.OidcClient last stable packages (3.2.4 for core and Android, 3.3.4 for iOS).
We are seeing deprecation notices about the migration to variable size access tokens and authorization codes, but the deprecation notices appears at irregular intervals, not directly before or after every login request.
We send an audience in the request as an extra parameter.

If we force the new behavior via the provided switch we don’t observe any clear problem, but I’m uneasy in just proceeding without a full understanding.


Hi @HueyLake,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Here is our officially deprecations doc for this change: Deprecations and Migrations

Let me know if you have any specific questions.

Hi @dan.woda,
thanks for the support!
What I don’t understand is

  1. why we are even seeing the deprecation notices in the logs, using the official library and sending the audience with every request - am I mistaken in thinking we shouldn’t?
  2. why the deprecation notices appear only occasionally and not every time, is there some kind of cool-down timing on them?


It’s normal to see a warning or notice in the logs if you are using a feature or a change is coming that could affect your app. As for how often they occur, I’m not sure exactly what to expect here, but I can look into it.

Can you please DM me your tenant name so I can see what you are seeing?