Auth0 Nextjs Universal Login page not shown


Using nextjs-auth0 v3.0.1 once I login/sign up from the login page I can’t reach it even after logging out. It just logs in to the previous user automatically without displaying the prompt page.

Is there a way to force the universal login page to be displayed when these links are opened?

<a href="/api/auth/login">Login</a>
<a href="/api/auth/signup">Sign up</a>

Found the cause of the problem.
In the navigation the “sign out” was using <Link href="/api/auth/logout" legacyBehavior><a>..</a></Link> instead of only <a href="/api/auth/logout">..</a>

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Hey @yordanganew welcome to the community and thanks for following up with the solution here - Glad you were able to get this resolved :rocket:

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