Auth0 login is not working on iphone 7


Hey there @infoparticipic welcome to the community!

Do you mind sharing a bit more about your environment? Which SDK are you using? Is this implemented in your own app code or are you working with a particular sample? The more detailed information you can share the better!


@tyf ,
Below are the details

  1. SDK ‘Native and Mobile Application SDK Libraries’ are being used.
  2. SDK is currently used in React Native Code and is working fine in testflight and in prod only for one user we are having this issue - so we may have other users with same issue, User is using the iPhone iOS 16
  3. Pease let us know if you would like to know more details we are open for a quick conf call as well
  4. ‎Participic on the App Store is the application code for our business.

Hey @tyf ,
Did you get any idea about this so that it will help us to proceed.
Thanks in advance.

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Hey there @infoparticipic, sorry for the delayed response!

Has this proved to be an issue for more users than just the 1? It’s really difficult for me to guess what could be going on there - Do you have any errors or logging that you can share that might give us a hint? Are you able to reproduce in our sample app at all?