Auth0 Login Action Interfering with Account Linkage Flow


We currently have 2 Actions in our Login flow which redirect our user to specific onboarding pages of our app in order to gather additional information from them, it’s part of our progressive profiling strategy. This works great.

However, we are now faced with a problem.

We allow our user to link their account with additional social providers. To do so, we offer to any authenticated users a simple menu allowing them to link their current identity to any of our supported providers to add an additional identity within our app.

When they click the link button, it initiates a loginWithPop with the React Auth0 SDK, this allows our app to gather the token of the account we are trying to link. We can then call the Auth0 Management API and create the link. This works. Or it used to.

The issue is that, because we have actions in place, they are triggered within the login pop-up, which is obviously not the behaviour we want.

Is there a way to pass a parameter that can then be read in the action and skip the progressive profiling redirects?

Or are there any other recommended approaches for this?

If my problem is not clear, please ask for any clarification which you might need.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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Bump for visibility?