Allow for account linking with actions

Feature: Support account linking with actions

Description: Description: Currently auth0 actions are not supporting account linking, leaving us basically with 2 options:

a) to use account linking extension (Account Link Extension) that depends on deprecated feature - rules

b) develop separate flow (user-initiated) for account linking after user is logged in with not-linked account

Use-case: Assume we are providing our users with multiple login options (email/social). We want to prevent duplicated accounts, the experience should be seamless (without unnecessary redirects required in a workaround - user-initiated flow) and well supported (cannot use features that will be deprecated in following months).

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Thanks for the detailed use case!

This should be part of universal login. What the point of using Auth0 if we have to re-invent the wheel for everything? Dear Auth0, please act or post a solution here, thanks!

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Any movement here? This needs to be a thing since rules are going away.

Any updates on this? Rules are being deprecated next year and the account linking is not supported by actions yet.