Allow for account linking with actions

Feature: Support account linking with actions

Description: Description: Currently auth0 actions are not supporting account linking, leaving us basically with 2 options:

a) to use account linking extension (Account Link Extension) that depends on deprecated feature - rules

b) develop separate flow (user-initiated) for account linking after user is logged in with not-linked account

Use-case: Assume we are providing our users with multiple login options (email/social). We want to prevent duplicated accounts, the experience should be seamless (without unnecessary redirects required in a workaround - user-initiated flow) and well supported (cannot use features that will be deprecated in following months).

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Thanks for the detailed use case!

This should be part of universal login. What the point of using Auth0 if we have to re-invent the wheel for everything? Dear Auth0, please act or post a solution here, thanks!


Any movement here? This needs to be a thing since rules are going away.

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Any updates on this? Rules are being deprecated next year and the account linking is not supported by actions yet.

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any news? account linking is not supported by actions yet


It is possible to link accounts via actions with some limitations it seems.

I used the management API to link 2 accounts from the Post-Login action and it seems to be working fine. The caveat is that it must link to the account being authenticated (the most recent) otherwise the account would no longer exist after linking. For me this causes the user to be redirected to the login page and although the login would work on the second time, it’s not really good experience.

As an improvement, data from the older account can be copied to the new account (logs, login_count, etc. will still be lost though but that’s acceptable for out use case).

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An updates on this? This is a crucial feature for us as account linking is a built in functionality of our current authentication flow for millions of users.


Please any update ? We need to migrate “Auth0 Account Link extension” which uses deprecated rules.


I am surprised there’s no mention of the Account Link Extension being deprecated on its page or that User Account Linking still suggests to use it. That is so misleading.

With Auth0 rules being EOL this is something even we are looking to. Auth0 please let us know how can we replace our rules to action ?

Previously, Auth0 has provided and maintained code within rules, which allows us to install the script, and account linking is provided. (Docs at Account Link Extension )

With rules being deprecated, there has been no migration path provided for this functionality and at present, it appears we are either going to lose it or be required to write our own code.

Could I please request that auth0 maintain this functionality they previously provided as a standard universal login feature or within their new actions marketplace?

A lack of a migration path is preventing us from switching over to actions here.


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Dear Auth0 - like many before me said, we need a solution and please not one with redirects like mentioned in this help page.

You say that email is not safe enough to make sure this is not a fraud user - why ? if the authentication provider (be it social / saml/ your db) say this user was authenticated , then what’s the issue to just merge it ?
have a feeling you came up to really complicated flow with no reason at all.

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Hi Dan, do you have any updates on this? Thanks!

Dan Woda is no longer with Okta/Auth0. There are many issues in this forum, it is difficult for engineers to notice all of them. With a paid subscription support is available, so if it is a deal-breaker for your production environment I would suggest opening a support ticket.

I too would love to know if this will be fixed.


Followup: This example action script may be of help to you folks: actions-gallery/post-login/account-linking/interactive-account-linking.js at main · abbaspour/actions-gallery · GitHub

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Agree that highlighting this to support is a good idea to highlight it directly to them.

But there response to myself was to add a comment to this forum.

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