Auth0-lock Login with Google Connection returns empty idTokenPayload

Excuse the probably common problem but this has been vexing with no answers I can find anywhere:

When I use auth0-lock.js to login using a google-auth2 connection I do not get an idTokenPayload although the login is successful. When this is performed with a Username-Password-Connection the idTokenPayload is fully populated.

I am using a fully authorized Google Connection (not the development connection) and the login works but not the payload. When I test the google connection via Auth0 Dashaboard I get the full profile as expected for the login. My Auth0-lock configuration is as follows:
auth: {
params: { scope: “openid profile email”, prompt: ‘select_account’ },
audience: “http://myhost/myapi”,
autoParseHash: true,
redirect: false,
responseType: “id_token token”,
sso: false,
rememberLastLogin: false,
allowedConnections: [‘google-oauth2’, ‘Username-Password-Authentication’]

// login is performed as such 
this.lock.on( "authenticated", _doAuthentication);

// With Google Login I get a blank idTokenPayload ... Username-Password works great
_doAuthentication( authResult ) {

        if( authResult.idTokenPayload[''] ) {

If been chasing this for over a month and cannot determine the reason … especially frustrating as it works on the TryIt page with Google Connection.

Anyone have any idea?

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Could you upload a .HAR file of your attempt to login via database connection and also with google connection? This will help us troubleshoot this properly.

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Sorry for the delay … Will do

[Database and Google Hars](

Here you go! Thanks in advance

Found the Problem! While chasing a “Failed cross origin authentication” Consent Required problem on User-Password-Connection I found a link to Issue #1672. On a hunch that redirect was the issue I changed my auth configuration to redirect:true … and this resolves the issue!

Please note if you are using a Google Connection (and I suspect other social connections). You must set redirect:true.


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