Auth0-Lock login error

New to Auth0, testing it out to be part of our new platform but I can’t seem to get my head around the login section. I’m using Auth0-lock for the embedded widget and have registered users’ but when I try to login it errors.

auth0.client.login · Issue #456 · auth0/auth0.js · GitHub this is a resolved github issue that is exactly my issue but i can’t see how i need to apply this to my account as i’m unfamiliar with it in the first instance. Any can explain it so that I might know what I need to do?

It seems like this has been a fairly recent change so I can’t find information on this elsewhere.

This error is because you need to enable the grant type for your client. This can be done via the Management API - outlined here:

Note: remember to include the existing grant_types (if you still want those to be enabled) in your request body, e.g.


These can be obtained from the GET a client endpoint: Auth0 Management API v2

That’s done the trick, thanks a lot !

Don’t know why I couldn’t take that away from the original github issue!