Auth0 Lock Email Validation on signup

On Universal Signup form is there any way to validate email address? Where I can Block Or prevent free email eddresses E.G. Yahoo.Com, Gmail.Com, and Hotmail.Com.

Hey there!

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by free email addresses but you can achieve that using rules.

Got to your Dashboard -> Rules > Whitelist for a Specific App rule for example.

You’ll get the idea how it works.

Hi Konrad,

Thanks for your reply, based on your feedback I have created the rule to Verify User Email Domain on Signup where I have set the below error if user is trying to registered with give email domain.
return callback(new UnauthorizedError(“Registration is only allowed with the corporate emails.”));

But this rule doesn’t work on our SSO integration. At this stage, we are using the Auth0 rule feature when access is denied or the user is trying to signup from a non-corporate email, which is leading to bad customer experience.

Let me know if you still require more details.