Allow all email domains - Auth0 Rule

I’ve seen examples of allowing a whitelist of email domains, however we do not want to maintain a list of email domains and find it would be easier just to allow all domains, there are some we use that Auth0 just out-right rejects.

How can this be achieved ? Thanks!

For the purpose of login I believe all syntactically valid email domains would be allowed; there’s some domain valid from a syntax point of view that may not be supported for email delivery as those domains are special use domains for test purposes and as such are not allowed for delivery.

You should clarify the exact flow where the email domain in question is rejected as well as potentially share the domain in question assuming it is not a sensitive/classified information.

Thanks for the reply, a “.work” email appears to be rejected, but as a requirement we now just want to allow all domains. I’ll do some further investigation

It’s not an Auth0 issue, it’s a problem on our side. Thanks for your help regardless.

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No worries! We’re here for you!

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