Auth0 Linking Users With Organizations?

I’m trying to setup social connections for our application where a user can login with their gmail. I also want to setup user linking (Where if the user’s email already exist, the login should prompt the user). However I keep getting an error where it says the user does not exist in the organization when trying to login via gmail. I’m not sure if this is an issue with how i configured the auth0 linking extension or if the new universal login just does not support the auth0 linking extension.

Some additional context. I am using the universal sign on page.

  1. User is prompted their organization first
  2. Asked to enter credentials second / or sign in via social

Hi @andres1 ,

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According to this topic, there is a known product issue when using the account linking feature with organization. The ETA for the solution is not available yet. We will provide you with updates once the information is available.