Auth0-js library has issue with Edge browser

checkSession function gives Origin mismatch error in Edge browser but works(gives id_token) in Chrome, Mozila firefox and Safari browsers

          scope: 'openid email user_metadata app_metadata offline_access',
          responseType: 'id_token token',
          redirectUri: 'https://DOMAIN_NAME/handle_auth'
        }, function (err, data) {
          if (err) {
            window.location.href = '/'


Auth0-js version: 9.0.2

Edge version: 41.16299.15

Can you try updating to the latest Auth0.js version (v9.2.2 at this moment) and see if the problem persists in Edge? If so, could you provide a snippet of code from your authentication request and also the exact error code and message you’re seeing?