Auth0 Integration with Singpass

Learn how to enable Singpass login with QR code in Auth0 Universal Login.
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Hey everyone! Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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@robertino.calcaterra Hello
can you please let me know in details what url need to be added in Authorization Url and Token url during create custom extension under social connection. See screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

hi @pawanvir.impinge ,

webtask domain depend on your tenant region and extensibility version. If follows a pattern like

you can find sample of full domain name per region here: Delegated Administration Extension v3

Remaining of URL is a follows:

  • authorization endpoint: /auth0-singpass-extension/authorize
  • token endpoint: /auth0-singpass-extension/token

hope that helps,

hello @robertino.calcaterra and @amin thank you for the detailed post! can i check if the relying party on the create extension page refers to Singpass? ive tried to use the JWKS endpoint and KID from both singpass and my own domain and they both lead me to the error below.

Accessing the following two URL following the format below shows that error as well.


hi @alice.zhang ,

@Vikas_Jayaram pushed a new change to extension today (PR1). Would you please check if the dependency issue is resolved?


Hello @amin ,

Yep the update resolved my previous issue. Thanks a lot.

Can I check if you’ve encountered this error before, or is this bug cause by Singpass?

Singpass cannot generate QR code

@alice.zhang good to know the extension issue is resolved. I’m not across the error message. can you supply further information? does it happen all the time? can you send a HAR file?

Hi @amin
Yes this happens every time I attempt to generate a QR to login.

I was reading through their documentation and am wondering if I needed to whitelist Singpass domain or integrate relevant CSP headers onto the Universal Login HTML? Or does singpass need to whitelist my webapp’s domain instead?

Here’s the HAR file as i attempt to login: (1.9 MB)

@alice.zhang you’re right. this is because you need to use Auth0 Custom Domain that’s registered in Singpass and not the Auth0 canonical domain.