Auth0 integration with AWS IAM

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I say right away that I don’t have much experience in using Auth0 or AWS and that any help will be well appreciated!

I am looking to create a video conferencing service for my company’s clients. I found the AWS Kinesis Stream Video service that uses WebRTC. However, I have to authenticate my users. In our main software we use Auth0 to find out if a user can access and which company he is part of. This is information that I would also need in the service I want to create because I don’t want an employee of company “A” to call an employee of company “B”.

AWS Kinesis, however, authenticates with IAM users so the question is this: how do I connect Auth0 and IAM users?

Hi @marco.paggioro,

I am not sure about integrating with Kineses specifically, but we have AWS integrations. Have you checked out this resource?

Let me know,

I’ll look into It and I’ll let you know about updates. Thanks

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Sounds good! Thanks.

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