Auth0 in an InTune MDM wrapped iOS app

I am trying to use the Auth0 SDK for iOS in an app that is wrapped by InTune MDM. The app runs on a local network, and is thus not connected to the internet as such.

The use of Auth0 SDK works perfectly, when the app is not wrapped by InTune. When the app doesn’t work, I can see that only two calls from the device are made - the first POST to /u/login and the second GET to /authorize/resume
… Then the process just halts. Really halts, there is not even a hint of timeouts in the view or anything…

Network personel tells me that the request traffic is routed properyl to internet, and the sign-in is registered ok in the Auth0 application.

Are there anything I need to set up, configure or otherwise be aware of, when using Auth0 iOS SDK like this? Thanks!


The app is now able to access Auth0 - thru an above-an-beyond effort by Auth0 support, the obstacles have been cleared. I am really impressed by the reply to my support ticket - thank you James!

I’ve done some digging into this issue and have found that this appears to be a compatibility issue between the web provider the Auth0.Swift SDK uses, and the InTune MDM SDK.

By default, the Auth0.Swift SDK uses the ASWebAuthenticationSession, which causes InTune to block the redirection to your application after the authentication flow is completed in the Universal Login. You can find some documentation around this in the InTune SDK documentation and their associated GitHub repository, which I will link below:

The InTune documentation above specifies how you can configure the InTune SDK to enable MSAL app-initiated authentication when using a web provider other than WKWebView (WKWebView is not supported by the Auth0.Swift SDK).

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Glad it’s figured out and thanks for sharing with the rest of community!

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