Auth0 guardian js documentation around enrollment

In the auth0 guardian github page, there is an example around enrollment which checks if auth is required after completion. Does this mean that the user needs to be redirected to the login screen? Or does it mean they only need to restart the MFA process? The example mentions login but actually just returns to MFA verification screen.

  transaction.on('enrollment-complete', function(p) {
            // If enrollment is complete but not the transaction
            // we need to render the login screen to continue the
            // transaction
            if (p.authRequired) {

            if (p.recoveryCode) {
              $('[data-recovery-report]').text('Recovery code: ' + p.recoveryCode);
              state.pendingReports.recovery = true;

Also, I’ve noticed that this library hasn’t been updated in over a year. Is this library still maintained?

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Have the same question about how the library is maintained and also its sort of impossible to develop it locally.