Auth0 generated messages

Is there a way to edit auth0 generated message related to id_token? That is, the error message currently says the following, which needs to be customized.

The verification code has expired. Please try to login again.

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Where exactly are you seeing this error message? As far as I can tell this is related to a passwordless flow? In that case I assume you are using Classic Universal Login?

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Thanks @tyf, this is were I’m seeing the message right after the email login and code has been sent. But I’ve set the id_token to expire in 3 mins and this is when you go beyond 3 mins. The goal is to change the wording on the highlighted text: The verification code has expired. Please try to login again.

And yes we’re using “Classical Universal Login”.

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Thanks for confirming!

You should be able to change this error text by providing a languageDictionary option in the Lock widget code - Please see the following article and topic:

Hope this helps!

Thanks @tyf, but I feel like the above languageDictionary controls the Auth0 login popup. What we need is to change text after the code has been generated and one that shows up on ‘our’ application.

@tyf Can I get some insights on the last question? Thanks.

Hey @yslee8742 apologize for the delayed response here! Thanks for clarifying, I was mistaken previously - You’re correct, this is outside of the Lock customization which languageDictionary has access to. There’s an open ticket internally to confirm whether or not the desired behavior is possible. I imagine we’ll have an answer soon and I will definitely update this thread once we do :slight_smile:

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Following up here for future reference - Unfortunately the the response from the API in this context is not configurable in any SDK.

@yslee8742 If you’d like to, I definitely encourage creating a feedback request as we monitor those closely!

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