Auth0 database connection

Our team is considering building an authentication infrastructure with auth0 in conjunction with our customer’s AzureAD.
The customer has requested that we provide other methods of integration in case of AzureAD failure.
We would like to use Auth0 database connection.
I would like to confirm the following three points about the specification.

  1. Whether or not [Connection>Database>Username-Password-Authentication] is selected from the dashboard, is the end user’s authentication information (username and password) synchronized and stored in the auth0 database by default?

  2. If authentication information is synchronized and stored in the auth0 database, when one connection (AzureAD in this case) becomes unavailable, can the user log in with the synchronized AzureAD password by enabling the auth0 database connection?

  3. If the answer to 2 is yes, when will the password synchronization take place? I would like to know if the following cases could occur.
    Immediately after the end user changed his password, Azure AD failed. after switching to Database connection, the end user will not be able to log in with the changed password. They need to log in with the password before the change.


Hi @qzang

The Auth0 database connection is completely separate from the AzureAD connection. They are not related, and there is no synchronization that happens, neither of passwords nor anything else.

If you are looking for redundancy on the AzureAD connection, that is best solved inside of your AzureAD instance, rather than pushing that to Auth0.


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