auth0/cordova authorize safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid

I am setting up authentication via Ionic 3.9.2 and Auth0 using the recommended path (login example). I have coded everything and I am attempting to test via Ionic DevApp.

I can get to the hosted login page and the user can log in. However, when they do, Safari tells me “Safari cannot open the page because the address is invalid”

I have made the recommended changes to my Auth0 Client Settings. I have setup the authorize call as Auth0 suggested in the example. I remove added/removed plugins.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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I am getting this exact same issue with Ionic. Does anyone have any ideas on this? It currently has our project hung up.

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Hey there everyone!

Sorry for such delay in response! We’re doing our best in providing you with the best developer experience out there but sometimes we cannot simply answers all the questions we get. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Can you let us know if you’re still struggling with the issue and need further help?