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Auth0 behind reverse proxy



Hello Dear Community,
Could you please support me in next question, can i use Auth0 with Reverse Proxy (Apache)?
My system (Teamcenter) with which i want use Auth0 can communicate with external authenication tools only via proxy servers, i have a note from Teamcenter team:

You have to configure Auth0 in gateway authentication mode. All our components should be behind this gateway.

In the below diagram where you see yellow section there you have to have Auth0 configured in gateway mode.

Teamcenter Client ->SSO -> Authenticating Gateway (Reverse Proxy Server, based on Apache) -> Auth0

SSO <- Authenticating Gateway (Reverse Proxy Server, based on Apache) <- Auth0

High Level Flow:

  1. When user login to any client
  2. SSO login service will redirect request to reverse proxy gateway
  3. Reverse proxy gateway will send page/url to get user credential (user id/password)
  4. Reverse proxy gateway will talk to Auth0 for user authentication
  5. On authenticating user, reverse proxy gateway will pass authenticated user ID to SSO login service
  6. SSO login service will send those details to SSO identify
  7. SSO identity will generate SSO token for Teamcenter client as user is already authenticated
  8. Teamcenter client will send that SSO token to Teamcenter Server for validation
  9. Teamcenter server will talk to SSO identity service for token validation (confirmation)
  10. On confirmation from SSO identity service, Teamcenter open up the access to user

Any idea, please, can i use Auth0 with my Teamcenter?

Thank you anyway


Have you tried ?