Add support to java-mvc-common SDK for running behind a reverse proxy


The java-mvc-common SDK should support running behind a reverse proxy (eg. nginx) that is doing SSL termination.


I’m running a Java application on a Tomcat application server. To set up Auth0, I’ve been following the Quick Start instructions for “Regular Web App → Java”.

However, I’m using (open-source) Nginx as a reverse proxy that handles terminating the SSL connection.

When I try to log into my application with Auth0, I get the following error in my Tomcat server logs after calling authenticationController.handle():

com.auth0.exception.APIException: Request failed with status code 403: The redirect URI is wrong. You sent, and we expected


I am adding auth0 support to my existing web application, so that I can support multi-factor authentication. This feature would improve my experience by allowing me to continue to use my existing architecture.

Note: I have already opened a support ticket about this, and was informed that there is an existing backlog item to support this use case. I am leaving this feedback in the hopes of increasing the priority of this backlog item.

Hi @jmclaren ,

Thanks for the feature request!