Auth0 behaviour after GSuite migration/separation

A client of ours is going through a GSuite separation, where users from the pre-existing parent company GSuite account are being extracted into a new account, maintaining the same email addresses. A big bang cutover is being planned, where all the user accounts will be deleted from the old account and created in the new account. As these will be new accounts in Google, each user will have a new user_id in Google.

My question is, how will these users be treated when they log in through Auth0’s Social google-auth2 connection? Will Auth0 treat it as the same user logging in (as the email address is the same) and in effect merge the accounts, or will it treat it as an entirely new user that just happens to have the same email address as another user.

If it’s the latter, is there a way to configure Auth0 to treat these as the same user. I’ve seen documentation about presenting options to end users to merge different social providers who have the same email, but in this scenario it’s the same social provider, and regardless, the users wouldn’t be able to log into the old Google accounts after the migration has occurred anyway.

Thanks in advance.