Auth0-authz-extension rule redirecting to 500 error

This problem has recently come up with no changes done on my end.

Once a user successfully logs in, they are redirected to a 500 erroring page.

Once I turn the auth0-authorization-extension rule off, the application works fine and does not 500 error. However, I need it on, to check the user roles and permissions.

Hey there @calpolycorporation welcome to the community!

Sorry to hear this problem has cropped up for you recently.

Do you mind sharing how you’ve configured the extension and more details on your specific use case for it? I’d just like to attempt to reproduce in my own environment in order to investigate what could be going on.

To my knowledge there is nothing that changed recently that could cause this.

Let me know!

No changes have been made to the configuration of the extension.

Someone told me they were being redirected to a 500 error, and the logs are showing that as a successful login.

When I turn off the auth–authorization-extension rule, the 500 error no longer persists. However, I need it turned on in order to obtain the users groups, roles, and permissions.

The rule is the auto-generated rule from the extension.

I then attempted to export the extension meta data, uninstall the extension, delete the rule, and reconfigure the extension.

I followed the install docs found on Auth0’s website, and am back in the same place I was before I uninstalled. Once a user logs in, they are redirected to a 500 error and Auth0 within the logs is calling that a successful login.

Again, this is something that just started happening a day or two ago, with no changes on my end.

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