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I’m new to Auth0 and i’m finding it quite interesting to learn!

My team and I have run into an issue that we can’t quite seem to figure out…

We’ve enabled auth0 Authorization extension, got the login access token to work and everything seems to be going smooth so far.


Once we got to calling the APIs to access to actual groups, we consistently keep getting 401 unauthorized. WE ARE STUMPED. ex: Https://

We’ve verified that the machine-to-machine application has to correct permissions (scopes) selected. We’ve also verified that the actual token is being authenticated correctly.

Is there something we should look into to identify why we are consistently getting 401 each time we try to call the GET groups endpoint?

Also a note for Auth0 staff, I noticed that the URL displayed in the Authorization Extension is different than the URL provided in the doc that Auth0 provides:

In the API extension, the url ends with .run - on the contrary, within the doc file that’s provides, the url ends in .io

To conclude, we are trying to overcome the 401 unauthorized error each time we are calling the /groups endpoint.

Thank you all in advance!!

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Hi @yogo,

Welcome to the Community!

Have you enabled API access in the extension’s dashboard settings?

As for the run vs. io issue, it looks like that is specific to when you created your tenant. I’ll pass it along, thanks!

Hi @dan.woda.

Yes enabled. I actually got it to work. It was due to the API not having client-creds enabled for machine-to-machine.

Something to note, I get 200 OK for the /groups API, but I get 500 internal error when retrieving the actual members in that group. Could you assist me with see why Auth0 is throwing 500 error? retrieving the group info with /groups/{groupid} works good and returns the group details. Just when I do /groups/{groupid}/members I get the 500 error

Thank you in advance!

Glad to hear you got a solution. Can you DM me your tenant name?

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