Auth0 and WCAG AAA Accessibility

Feature: Make universal login fully WCAG AAA compliant

Description: I’ve recently raised many accessibility issues for one of our Enterprise Auth0 accounts where compliance is a high-priority requirement. A certified WCAG AAA testing supplier, that we engaged, identified these issues, and they contained detailed information on the issue along with reproduction steps and links to screenshots and/or videos as evidence of the issue.

So far, Auth0’s response has been non-commital and underwhelming. To paraphrase their reply (the pertinent bits are quoted below) they say they are not, in fact, advertising that they are WCAG compliant (despite several articles on their blog talking about their accessibility) and that they only work on specific accessibility features when enough people in this community shout about them.

So here I am - asking a community of strangers to upvote this post in an attempt to get Auth0/Okta to take accessibility more seriously.

I have spoken to our team and management, and unfortunately, we do not qualify the Auth0 product as WCAG compliant. Therefore, any guidelines that we are not in compliance with from the WCAG that are requested by our customers will be considered Feature Requests.

We have a Community Article on an Accessibility point - and when community articles get enough thumbs up/attention, Engineering pulls them into the backlog to be worked on: Web Accessibility: Universal Login Password Requirements Should be Improved for Screen Readers

Use-case: Any authentication system should be fully accessible regardless of the project it’s connected to!