Auth0 and Vue3 Quickstart?

Can you tell me what audience is in the json file? I couldn’t find out anything about that. I removed that as well.

Well a quick update. If I copy App.vue as in your repo exactly, it works. However as soon as I start to change anything the buttons won’t even render due to this wrapper: <div v-if="!$auth.loading">

However if I remove that wrapper, I get “Log out” button which only reloads the page with no errors. Maybe it has to do with the router?

For anyone else re-using Lucas’s code above (thanks a ton @lstyles, your repo is literally the only example I found online for vue3), if you’re having trouble with redirects working correctly you need to add this line:

state.error = null;

after this line:

const {appState} = await client.handleRedirectCallback()

in Lucas’s index.js file.

I spent more time than I’ll ever acknowledge learning this:)


Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

It’s written in that way on purpose to only allow authenticated users, so logout is the only button needed as it will redirect to login if not logged in by default.

I made the code from those snippets work, also refactored to TypeScript.

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Thanks for sharing it with the rest of community!

Hi there - any news on an official Vue3 implementation? (thank you so much to the community contributors already cc lstyles)

Reaching out to appropriate team to find out more about it!

Hey there again @corethings!

We still don’t officially support Vue 3 but our SDKs team is currently working on an update to current Vue quickstart + we have a Guest Author that is also exploring Vue 3 which may result in a blog post. Once I have further update I’ll let you know!

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Thanks, @lstyles for the implementation in Vue 3 but I was wondering how to silently login users when they visit again without having them click the login button again?.