Auth0 and subscription model

We’re creating a phone and web app, with a web api in the background, and we’ve chose Auth0 as the authentication server. However, I’ve been wondering today how well this fits our model, and would appreciate some feedback from the community regarding this.

Our subscription model will function similar to Zendesk or maybe Office 365, where a main member (an administrator) creates a main account - you could say an organizational account - and then from there he can create users. He will then be billed monthly per user. Users can then log in with their assigned username (I.e. Email) and password.

So basically, the first thing I notice is that Auth0 default login screen let’s anyone sign up. Our system requires that, yes, anyone can create an administrator account, but only after accepting terms & conditions, and submitting their bank or credit card details. Then, he can create “sub accounts” if you will - I.e. He can create users under this main account. Only he can do this. Once he creates a new user, this user can then (via the Auth0 login screen) log into his account.

How well does Auth0 fit in this model? I see Auth0 has an extension that adds Groups functionality - is this maybe something that would help for the main or organizational accounts? Or should the web api maybe handle all of this?

Sorry I know this is a rather vague question, and I am kinda thinking out loud here. But I’m just a bit unsure as to how to proceed with this, using Auth0 in the middle of all of this…


Ok, after further thinking, I realized it’s fine if anyone can sign up to this app on Auth0. They can then fill in their banking/credit card details if that was the intent (i.e. if they are the administrator wishing to create a new company profile/subscription). If they are simply employees who are using the app, the administrator should’ve given them a username and password first. However, if the employee mistakenly tries to sign up to create an account before they have received a username and password from the administrator, when they get to the bank/credit card details section, they will quickly realize they are creating a new subscription, and should rather be using their company’s existing subscription (at which point they will ask their principal for their username and password to access the system)

Think that makes sense… ?

The administrator would then create users (employees) on the system. The system would then call on Auth0 API’s to create a user there? That way the employees would be able to log in with their username and password via Auth0… What I’m getting at is that only the administrator would sign up directly on Auth0 - as for his employees, he would create sub accounts for them on the phone/web app, which would in turn create those accounts on Auth0 programmatically (using Auth0’s APIs).

Is my thinking correct?