Auth M2M /Swagger M2M auth

Hey, I know this issue is well knowing to the community! But I hope someone found a solution
I am having an issue authenticating using client_credentials flow and SwaggerUI. For some reason, swagger securitySchemes won’t allow me to add the audience and grant_type as parameters, and without them, I can not really get an access token form Auth0. However, if I use Global Client credentials (without adding audience + grant_types) then I get an opaque access token but not JWT access token. Any request with opague token will result with the following error!
jose.exceptions.JWTError: Error decoding token headers

my securitySchemas

      type: oauth2

For more info about opaque tokens see here

Hi @nameer.learning,

Unfortunately, the audience must be passed in the body of the token request, which looks to be a challenge with Swagger UI.

I have not tested this solution, but I did find a comment on a related issue from a couple weeks ago that might be able to help you specify the audience in the request body using an intercepter: