Aurelia Bundling

Greetings (and apologies up front, I am relatively new to npm / jspm packages)!

Given the basic aurelia skeletons projects, I have chosen to start as simple as possible (I am as of yet unfamiliar with webpack, have not yet ventured into typescript, & this is my first exposure to a transpiler) with the esnext flavor. I then followed your aurelia quickstart. The unbundled app works flawlessly, but when I try to lean on the gulp build script & export script provided by the skeleton project, I seem to be running into issues.

I have found that you offer solutions for browserify & webpack, which I found via the npm package page. I have neither browserify nor webpack in my packages.json - babel is my current transpiler (“babel-core”: “^6.18.2”).

Should I still be looking to use one of these solutions to effectively bundle all needed modules/files that are not picked up by the aurelia skeleton build / bundle gulp tasks? Do I need to inject the command “npm run build” (specified in the into the aurelia skeleton bundle.js task script? Or, are their specific files I need to add to the bundles.js definition file?

Any help/direction would be most greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!