Associating Users to multiple Applications

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Is it possible to associate a user to a specific application?

For instance, I have 3 applications and a given user has access to two applications and not the third one.

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There’s no built-in authorization capabilities in the product that would let you associate users to applications directly, but there are a couple of interesting alternatives:

  • if you have the authorization information somewhere (in an external service or database) you can query that information from a rule and deny or allow access based on the information you retrieve. When a rule runs you know the context of the user and the application requesting access, so you can decide to cancel the authorization. See any of the rules under the Access Control section when you create a new rule.
  • use the Authorization Extension which gives you a UI and associated API to define groups, roles and permissions and associate them to applications and users. You can then use that information to augment the information made available to applications in the user profile, or to deny or allow access to applications.
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