Assistance Needed: Modifying Access Token Scope in Machine to Machine Application

How can I update the access token in a Machine to Machine application using Actions? I’ve referred to the official documentation, but I couldn’t find a method to update the “scope” claim. While I can set custom claims, modifying the “scope” claim seems elusive. Can you provide guidance on this?

Official Doc :

Here’s the snippet I’ve been using to add a new claim:

exports.onExecuteCredentialsExchange = async (event, api) => {
// Set the custom claim for the access token
api.accessToken.setCustomClaim(‘http://scope’, ‘free’);

I’d appreciate any assistance you can offer.

Hi @Sakshi05

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Thank you for posting your question. As for now with the usage of Actions you are only able to add or remove scope from access token

Access Token Scope

  • api.accessToken.addScope(scope)
  • api.accessToken.removeScope(scope)

If you find this feature missing or necessary please open a topic in the Feedback category so other community members can vote on it. Our Product team is constantly checking for a new feature opportunities.


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