ASP.NET Quickstart PII is hidden


I’m currently testing out Auth0 and I downloaded the ASp.Net example.
I made the changes in app settings to match what the quickstart guide says for RedirectUri and the logout.

I was able to register a new user but when I come to login and it is hitting the callback page I get the following error:

IDX10503: Signature validation failed. Keys tried: ‘[PII is hidden]’.

Exceptions caught:
‘[PII is hidden]’.
token: ‘[PII is hidden]’.

I haven’t made any changes to the downloaded project from the quickstart as it should just work. Have I forgotten a setting somewhere?


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Hey there @jamie!

Could you share with me the link to the example you used so I can reproduce and see if the bug also happens for me? Thank you!

Hi @konrad.sopala

This is the link I was using

Thanks a lot! I’ll investigate it and get back to you soon!

I just tried the quickstart and get the same error

Sorry I forgot to assign myself to this one and totally didn’t take a look! Let me reproduce it and let you know what was my result!

The article on the quiskstart does not mention that the default setting for the JsonWebToken Signature Algorithm in the advanced settings needs to be changed to RS256.

Did that fix the issue for you?

@jamie have you had a chance to see our previous messages?