ASP.NET MVC - registration with additional details

Hi! I have ASP.NET MVC application which uses Membership provider to handle authentication, I’ve already configured user migration process and currently I’m looking for best front-end experience to ask user to provide some additional details before they can login into website (such as city, state fields, country dropdown, terms of service checkbox). Modifying hosted page isn’t good solution too as I’m going to use some social identity providers too.

I’ve configured very similar solution to one described in ‘’ guide, but after login/registration in Auth0 user already allowed to use secured endpoints without finishing registration process, I can handle it with automatic redirect to ‘provide details’ page if some claims/user details are missing, but it’s not widely used behavior.

Could you please provide me with some examples or recommendations for such workflow? Thanks in advance!

Did you ever find a solution for this? I have the same question.

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