ASP.NET Core + VueJS

I am confused. Should I use the ASP.NET Core Client or the VueJS Client? I have an ASP.NET Core app to handle the backend data calls (which node would normally do) and VueJs for all my UI SPA stuff.

I am guessing I would want to the ASP.NET Core Client since I am securing the actual data calls themselves. But how do I check to see if the user is authenticated? Would I just expose another API Call in ASP.NET Core to check to see if the user is authenticated and check that every single time?

These technologies are new to me so any help would be appreciated. I am not new to development by any means but I am definitely new to VueJS and Auth0.

Based on the information provided you’re using ASP .NET Core to implement the API that the Vue.js application will consume. In this scenario and using the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 terminology you would have:

  • a Vue.js client application registered as such in the associated Clients section of your Auth0 Dashboard.
  • a ASP .NET Core Web API registered as such in the associated APIs section of your Auth0 Dashboard.

The Vue.js client application would authenticate users through Auth0 while at the same time requesting an access token suitable to call the ASP .NET Core Web API. Each call from the Vue.js application to the API would include the access token so that the API could ensure that the request is coming from a trusted source and also know the associated end-user.

For general information on this scenario see:

For reference code see the quickstarts:

As an additional note, even if you use ASP .NET Core to serve the Vue.js application files that’s an implementation detail that does not have any impact on the overall scenario as the file serving does not require any authentication or authorization.

Thanks, I came to the EXACT same conclusion last night but its very comforting seeing my findings verified by a secondary source. As an old school developer, getting into all this new stuff has been challenging to say the least. I have been very tempted to go back to my ways using jQuery, and ASP.NET MVC, but I am determined to stay the course. Thank you for your assistance!!