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Hello Everyone, I am new to this, I am developing a web app. I am using .net core web API with Microsoft Identity and the client-side is developed using react.js. How would I configure my server-side to work with MS Identity using Auth0? and How can I do my testing using swagger ? or setup swagger to work with auth0?

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First, I would suggest checking out our code samples here: Auth0 Authentication and Authorization Code Samples

You can create your own stack and see how the frontend and backend are integrated.

In regards to Microsoft Identity; are you using Azure AD? If so, we have a built in Connect Your App to Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

As for Swagger, it doesn’t look like we have an official integration, but you may find some useful information by searching the Community forum.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks @dan.woda. I am now managed to test my backend endpoints using swagger and auth0 authentication. My next question is how would i create the flow between front end and the backend. cause front end is built in react which has its own app in Auhh0 dashboard and backend has its own. For example, if a user is login to react app and make a request to server which is expecting user to have a JWT token as a proof of his authentication. I hope its’s making sense to you what I am trying to achieve here. Thanks in advance mate. looking forward to hearing back from you

This link should show you an example setup with React + .net Core API.

And if you want to see a simple example of how to call a backend API from your React app, check out this page: Auth0 React SDK Quickstarts: Call an API

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